Flange Maintenance

Nut Splitters

About the Nut Splitter Products

Our Nut splitting tools are the best in the industry. Designed to meet the challenges of bolted pipeline flanges, with 2 configurations: our CTNS has a single moveable chisel splitter and our CTNSD adds a stationary chisel allowing nuts to be cut in a single pass.

Product Features

  • The NS tool range includes a selection of ‘TI’ Integral Hydraulic tools which feature Equalizer’s proven small pump built into the back end of the tool; useful for subsea applications and when working at heights. No need for hoses, separate hand pumps or couplings.
  • Drop-tested revolving anchor point and high-strength safety bond included as standard
  • Optimized Cutting head geometry allowing the nut splitter to be used on a wide range of flange joints; including ones that were previously too tight for nut splitters to fit.
  • The combination of the sharp cutting tip and opposing convex reaction point encourages more efficient splitting by spreading the nut open rather than squashing the nut onto the stud. This makes it easier to rotate the nut for the second cut.
  • Cutting tip made from heat-treated shock-resisting tool steel for better cut and longer life
  • Quick and easy cutting tip replacement
  • Integrated steel shroud to enclose the cutting zone and protect against flying particles
  • High strength revolving Composite handle for vibration and shock isolation allows for safer working.
  • Integral hydraulic cylinder and high grade materials make this the smallest and lightest nut splitter on the market